Meet Moe & Tuffy

Moe “Big Moe” Cason and George “Tuffy” Stone, from TLC’s “BBQ Pitmasters," have made their mark as competitors on the competitive barbecue circuit. Both are big fans of putting pork on the grill, and lucky for us, they’re sharing some of their favorite recipes and grilling tips for this grilling season.

Moe’s Grilling
Tips & Recipes

Tips & Tricks

Rib Prep

When prepping pork back ribs (baby back) or spareribs, remove the membrane on the back side of the rib. If you leave the membrane on, the seasonings and smoke won’t penetrate the back side of the rib during cooking as well.

For Smoky Flavor

For a smoky flavor, use wood chips. Soak a handful of chips for at least 30 minutes in water, drain, and add them to the coals right before placing the pork on the grill. For a gas grill, use the manufacturer’s smoker box. Or, wrap soaked wood chips in a single sheet aluminum foil packet and poke four to six holes into the top. Place packet, holes facing up, directly on the heat source, off to one side, and wait until it gives off smoke before adding the meat to the grill.

No Shiners

When selecting ribs, avoid those that have part of the bone showing through the surface of the meat. Called “shiners,” these types of ribs are created when too much rub meat has been trimmed away from the slab. When shiner slabs are cooked, the bones will push through at the end of the cooking process and the ribs will not look appealing.

Indirect Heat

Indirect low heat is the key to low and slow grilling, producing tender, juicy and moist ribs. The heat comes from one side of the grill, and the pork is cooked on the opposite side, not directly over the coals

Tuffy’s Grilling
Tips & Recipes

Tips & Tricks

A Clean Grill

Make sure that your grill or pit is clean before cooking – clean the grate with a wire brush and remove any ash or greasy spots from the bottom and sides of your grill.

Create Grilling Zones

To barbecue on a grill, set up two grilling zones. On a charcoal grill, pour the ignited coals from the chimney on one half of the grill bottom creating one area that is hot and one area that is cooler  For a gas grill, turn off one of the burners. Cook the food on the cooler side of the grill for long and slow heat.

Avoid Sugar Burn

Avoid cooking ribs that have a rub with a high amount of sugar over high direct heat for too long, as the sugar can quickly burn – causing the ribs to taste bad. Indirect heat is the way to go.

When to Apply Sauce

Apply sauce to barbecued meats – like ribs – about 30 minutes before the meat is cooked to the proper doneness to avoid burning the sauce. Apply the sauce and cook until the sauce sets, then remove from the grill.